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Terrabon, Inc.

Formed in 1995 to fund biofuel research at Texas A&M University, Terrabon, Inc is a process technology company that is commercializing two sustainable businesses that offer sensible, high-profit solutions to biofuel and bio-product challenges:

  • MixAlco® is an advanced bio-refining technology that converts low-cost, readily available, non-food, non-sterile biomass into valuable chemicals such as acetic acid, ketones and alcohols that can be processed into renewable gasoline fuels. The biomass used as feedstock includes municipal solid waste (MSW), sewage sludge, forest product residues such as wood chips, wood molasses and other wood waste, and non-edible energy crops such as sweet sorghum. The process is very robust and requires no sterility, which significantly lowers capital costs.
  • SoluPro™ is an innovative bio-products chemical process which converts inexpensive protein waste material (poultry feathers, shrimp heads, distiller's dry grains, etc.) into commercial bio-adhesives and high-protein animal feed. This technology was created as a spin-off of the MixAlco® pre-treatment technology, which employees lime to increase biomass digestibility.

Terrabon also pioneered AdVE®, an Advanced Vapor Evaporation technology that desalinates brackish and salt water with a low-cost, high-capacity process and a high-efficiency compressor and non-fouling heat exchangers. The company returned its AdVE® licensing rights to Texas A&M in 2012 in order to focus on optimizing and commercializing the MixAlco® technology.

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Our Timeline:
  • 1995: Terrabon founded
  • 2009: Demonstration plant constructed
  • 2011: Break ground on first bio-refinery
  • 2013: Bio-refinery fully operational

Terrabon Inc.

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